The Unknown is Always- The Unknown!

August 15, 2017- Travel Day 13

Yesterday we motored down to Bretz RV in Missoula. On the way we stopped at St. Ignatius Mission in a town named after same.


The mission was built in the early 1890’s. 58 of its murals were painted by a monk that was there as a cook. The mission is beautiful. While there we met the Franciscan Priest assigned there. He’s new with 3 months of service there but he has served in Iraq. He was very knowledgeable of the places we wanted to visit. He recommended visiting the Cathedral in downtown Missoula as its artwork is just as fascinating as that of St. Ignatius.

The 133 miles went by quickly and before long we are backed in to an overnight spot at Bretz RV, Missoula. The dealer offers electrical power and water- the essentials. I check in to the service department as a “sandwich” job with no appointment. The service manager stated that we could be waiting to have our new air conditioner installed until Friday. Yikes! Today is Monday!dealership_long


We decide to go exploring. The rig is closed up into the travel position and power disconnected so the in the slim to non chance the service guys move the rig into a service bay nothing will restrict them from doing so. Traffic is horrible on Reserve Street (US 93).  We head towards downtown. Traffic is horrible!

We reach downtown and head towards the St. Francis Xavier Church. The church was built about the same time as St. Ingatius. It also has a large collection of hand painted pictures. So beautiful. We spend some time at a park walking Megan, then head back. THE 5TH WHEEL IS GONE! Yippee! The Bretz boys are working on her!

OK, we have to cool our heels for a few hours…… what to do? We head to the Rocky Mountain Elk Center located just a couple of miles north. The center contains large, relatively new buildings. The largest states that it is for the use of volunteers. Another large- but not as large- building is where the visitors center is located. The public area is not terribly large. The displays are mostly of stuffed elk with a smattering of other species. Some history going back to Lewis and Clark is present. Outside a “nature trail” with minimal signage explains what one is viewing. The nature trail, in my opinion is a fizzle. We take one last look around  at the opulence of the structures compared to what is actually presented to the public and figure….. giant government grant!

Next we head east and wonder around the University of Montana, Missoula.P1040011

We head east on I-90 and visit Bonner and Milltown just to kill time. Bonner is interesting in that it’s an old company town. They are easy to distinguish as the houses look the same. It’s now 4 pm.

We are tired of driving. We head back to Bretz………. and….. the rig is ready to pick up! Yeah!!! We pay our bill and thank the service people profusely for squeezing us in and spitting us out this afternoon. We hook up and head towards Jim and Mary’s RV Park.

Jim and Mary’s RV Park is located a few miles back on US 93. The park is highly recommended and now we know why. It is a well treed, well maintained park- a real beauty. We set up and relax. It’s been a long day and we deserve a little time to kick back.P1040019

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