We are on our way!

Our blog server decided to throw in the towel. To their credit they didn’t leave us in the lurch giving us an opportunity to download our entire blog. So now we are on our way on this new site. Some day I will transfer our old travels on to this site…… if it’s not too difficult.

After a lot of preparation, i.e. getting the mechanicals of the coach and truck into extended travel condition, checking and rechecking everything, evicting the mice that have taken up winter residence in the coach, having window shades installed on the big side windows of the coach and installing a solar shade over its gigantor rear window to make the coach more tolerable in this day of global climate change.

We are almost ready to launch… oh not yet you aren’t buddy! In our past life we were accustomed to having the coach reside on our own property in mild climate. We could leave most of our goodies in the coach without fear of it freezing or being eaten by rodents. That changed when we moved to Northwest Nevada. Coke cans don’t do cold weather, our clothes don’t like mice living in them so most everything is off loaded for the winter. The chore begins when travel time arrives- everything that belongs in the coach has to be loaded back in to her. And so it goes, one day of prep has turned into three or four.

Our friends Jim and Nancy with their furry friend Willy are once again occupying our home in our absence. It’s a win win situation. We have someone to watch our house and they can visit with their friends who live in the neighborhood. As someone said “It’s kind of strange leaving your house and trying to erase all signs that you were there, knowing that strangers will soon be living in it.” Well Jim and Nancy aren’t strangers having lived only two doors down from us but the rest is true……. erasing all signs that you were there is a lot of work!

Our route will take us up U.S.Highway 395, then Oregon State Highway 20 through Burns, OR and onward to McCall, ID to visit Jil’s brother and sister in law. Then onward up Highway 95 to Highway 12 which takes us up Lolo Pass in Idaho, zinging through Missoula, MT winding up in Whitefish, MT to visit Jil’s sister and her hubby. Our plans from there are pretty loose, except we eventually want to end up at the Great Lakes.

I’m hoping that this new to me wordpress blog is easy to work with………. we’ll see!

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