Our First Days in Sacramento

Saturday, January 5th and 6th, 2019

Well, the weather caught up to us. We are so glad that we decided to get over Donner Pass before chain controls went up. The interstate was actually closed for 17 hours due to hazardous weather conditions and heavy snow. The Cal Expo parking lot, er, RV park, which is asphalt where we are parked or gravel in the lower area was clean as a whistle. That is, before the storm came in and the wind came up. Somehow all the deciduous and evergreen trees here gave up what seed pods, leaves and dry needles they had to offer and the heavy wind distributed them all over the park. Trees were blown down and 100,000 folks lost their power around the Sacramento area. By the by, rain is predicted for every day this week with some high wind events thrown in for good measure.

We received photos from our neighbors of the most recent events from home. So glad we got over the Sierra Nevada before this storm set in. 48″ of the white stuff fell at ski resort level. Interstate 80 was shut down for 17 hours until the storm broke and the highway cleared for travel. How would you like to have been heading over the mountain and get caught in that shut down? Ever spend 17 hours in a traffic jam? Nah, me neither and I hope I never do!

The Rockin’ Snow Removal Team in Person!

They are shoveling the street so they can drive out! (Photo Courtesy of our neighbor Catherine)

Cousin Linda and her hubby Chuck who live in nearby Citrus Heights agreed to meet us for lunch at a local Applebees Restaurant. We hadn’t seen them for a while so we had a great time catching up. Service was very slow-I think our server actually fell asleep then went on break, which made for even more time to converse. It was sure nice seeing those nice folks again.

Rain makes exercising the mutzos an experience in patience as well as a burst of intensity. After all, they don’t want to go out in the rain and neither do I. So we wait until there’s a lull in the rainfall, then burst out so they can sniff and do their business. This scenario is repeated as needed several times during the day as one can imagine.

Most folks drive slowly through an RV park, especially if they are towing a trailer or a towed vehicle behind their motorhome. This night, after dark, I see this blur of a rental Cruise America Class C motorhome split our coach and the one one space over driving the wrong way through RV sites, not on the access road. Two loops up he comes to a quick halt, parked backwards in an open site which requires him to hook up to the power pedestal adjacent to his own site, which is the neighbors pedestal, not his own. The site next to him is vacant at the moment so he must not notice that the power outlet is facing the wrong direction. I don’t know what he was thinking splitting three loops of RV parking sites driving least 15 miles an hour (nobody does that for safety reasons), and parking 180 degrees in orientation to other RV’s. One would think if one was parked bass ackwards in relation to everyone else one would notice. Just sayin’.

See the lighthouse?

This morning, Sunday January 6th we are off to church services. St. Mary’s is less than four miles away. She was built in 1948, probably about the time this very nice residential tract was built near the west boundary of Cal State Sacramento. The steeple of the church is somewhat unusual as it looks a lot like the many lighthouses that we’ve visited over the years.

The Altar

St. Michael

Mary agonizing over the crucified  Jesus

Weather hadn’t improved when we exited the church. We abandoned plans to visit downtown Sacramento, instead went grocery shopping. A walk albeit brief, was warranted as the mutzos needed to stretch after being cooped up the the car for two hours.

So we are back at the RV park, inside our nice dry and warm coach watching NFL playoff games, listening to the rain pounding on the roof and wind blowing so hard that it’s actually rocking our very stable coach. Gads, won’t the rain ever stop? Uh oh, here comes the wind again!

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