Well, It Is Winter!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We left Chico last Sunday. Weather was not a factor although foggy conditions are in our path to the south. By the time we got down to Marysville the fog had burned off. I was a little discombobulated when we arrived at the Highway 70/ Highway 99 split in the road. I took Highway 70 which turned out to be a better choice as the road is a four lane divided highway with no town slowdowns all the way to Marysville rather than the two lane Hwy. 99 that runs through every little town east of the Sacramento River.

We stopped and spent the night at The Lakes RV and Golf Resort in Chowchilla (18,500 souls). It is adjacent to a nice residential area that surrounds Pheasant Run Golf Club. As we didn’t travel very far we had time to wash four days of clothes that were mucked up during our volunteer stint at Paradise. I didn’t know Jil was washing four loads of wash and didn’t open the gray water dump valve. Yep, I walk outside and see water dripping down the right rear of the RV. Oh Crap! I hadn’t opened the dump valve. The valve was opened and a torrent of water goes whoosh, down the drain. Little water stayed inside the coach but the right rear compartment outside, which, by the way, contains a lot of vital electronic gizmos related to the engine and transmission was full of water. OH MY! I bailed that compartment out, then toweled it out as best I could. Fortunately nothing vital was submerged but water in that compartment is not good. The next morning the engine started and the transmission functioned properly. Phew!!!!

Monday we continued south on Hwy. 99. Rain is predicted but we are only traveling 175 miles or so to lay over at the Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield (380,000 souls). The farther south we travel the windier it gets. Then rain joins the wind. We exit Hwy. 99 in Tulare, and find a park. No one is here except us chickens. It’s safe to let the mutzos run and they love the freedom. Back onto the highway and the rain picks up. But the WIND, Holy Crapola! By the time we pull into the Orange Grove RV Park I feel like I’ve just gone 10 rounds in a wrestling match with a 400 pound gorilla.

Before arriving at the Orange Grove RV Park we see signs indicating that I-5 has been closed due to snow just a few miles ahead. All through traffic is being routed onto Hwy 58, the highway to the Orange Grove. That’s a very long detour indeed- Hwy 58 to Hwy 14, back to I-5 = 125 miles. Needless to say, traffic for 10 miles or so was pretty darned heavy. Tuesday weather wasn’t going to be any piece of cake either with high wind warnings in the Tehachapi (12,600 souls) area. That’s the direction we are heading so the decision is made to stay put for another night.

Things You See in RV Parks!

We did take the opportunity to scout around during the layover. we found a park not too far away. It wasn’t in the best shape, guessing here that Bakersfield isn’t a rich community but the mutzos again got to run a bit. We also visited the nearby California Fruit Depot.

California Fruit Depot

The depot has a store that sells dried fruit, candied fruit, sauces of various kinds, nuts and God knows what else. Inside there is a window where we observed employees packing oranges in crates and bags. We are surrounded by orange orchards, in fact the RV park has orange trees growing in each site. One is invited to pick oranges to their heart’s delight.

Clear Skies, then FOG!

Wednesday, January 16- the sun is shining, the wind has diminished and we are good to go. We pack up and pick up, destination the Needles Marina RV Park, Needles, CA.

The almost 300 mile trip was uneventful. Not much wind, a mixed sky, and pleasant temperatures. We arrive at the RV park around 1330 hours, check in and drive to our site. Right next to us is our twin! An Allegro Red just like ours except one strip on its side is a slightly different color is to our right. What’s the chances of that?

To top it off, they just came in from the Orange Grove RV Park! They too had stayed an extra day to wait out the high wind warning at Tehachapi! We didn’t even see each other’s rigs there. How strange………

Tomorrow we are off to the Casa Grande area of Arid….. er Arizona. See you there!

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