Every Day In Every Way I Get Better and Better

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Jil’s surgeon’s visit went well last week. The cast came off and now she has a removable splint which gives her fingers and thumb a great deal more flexibility. As a bonus she doesn’t have to wear the splint 24/7. Now she can shower in much more comfort- and wash the dishes! Smile! The progress that she has made since the cast came off is nothing short of amazing. The next doctor’s visit will be in our hometown and so will any physical therapy that is needed.

My fire buddy Gerry is really a nice guy. We both held the rank of Engineer of the Fire Department, our duties were driving, pumping and maintaining 1500 gallon a minute pumping fire apparatus, better known as fire engines, which make us water buddies. As it happens Gerry lacks basic electrical knowledge so one day I receive a knock at the door and there stands Gerry. He says he has no 12 volt power in his coach. Uh oh. That means no refrigerator, no lights, no stove, no furnace…… but he still has the microwave, TV and one 110 volt lamp.

I ask what has changed and he says other than losing 12 volt power- nothing. So we start chasing 12 volts. First batteries- test good. Then fuses- all accessible fuses are good. Next the 120V to 12V inverter/ converter tests good. Then the easter egg hunt begins. We find two solenoids behind a metal shield held together with a half a million screws. Hmmm, one solenoid is working correctly, the other not. Ah ha! But why is the second solenoid not functioning? Couldn’t figure that one out, been working on the problem for 2 hours and it was almost dark so we called it a day…… almost. I got back to the coach and turned right back around. Hey Gerry do you have a salesman switch for your 12 volt circuits? Why, yes. Check the switch please. Blonk goes the inactive solenoid, all the 12 volt circuits now function. Hey Gerry, I thought you said nothing had changed to cause the 12 volt circuits to fail? Uhhhh, I told Patti not to touch that one………… Sheesh!

The park had a Mardi Gras Party on Fat Tuesday. The venue had changed from outdoors to indoors due to weather so the event was running about an hour late.

That was worrisome as our new fur baby can be a hellion when we are away. We enjoyed the company at our table, our meal of jambalia about an hour later, listened to a great three piece rag time band and headed home with our fingers crossed. Ollie was a good boy! Thank goodness…..

Our pals Jim and Connie joined us in attending the Palm Creek Car Show. More than 50 street rods were on display. Some were true hot rods, most were mild customs that the owners have made daily drivers.

The picleball club here at Palm Creek hosted a US Pickleball Association tourney. If you don’t think pickleball is a popular sport- well……. 850 contestants and four full days of pickleball for several age and skill groups, men’s and women’s doubles as well as mixed doubles. Everyone had a great time and the champs went home with their trophies.

Meanwhile, Jil and I have had the creeping crud, a.k.a. a very lovely affliction that turned into bronchitis. The symptoms lasted too long, cough, cough, Cough, COUGH! Gads………

We’ve made friends with a lot of folks here at the park. And they are from Canada, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota…… do you get the theme here? Yep, everybody is ducking the cold north and enjoying the heck out of the warm weather here.

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3 thoughts on “Every Day In Every Way I Get Better and Better”

  1. Hi Mike & Jil, Glad you both are feeling better. Ray & I both got that crud to!
    It’s terrible. So what date do you think you will be home? Travel safe.


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