Knocking Around Treasure Valley

Thursday August 14, 2020

You are probably wondering why we stopped in Caldwell. Wonder no more! We have friends nearby. Julie went high school with Jil and they’ve been best friends forever. Julie and her hubby Terry have moved around since retirement and now live in a nice house in Star. So Friday we headed over to their new to them (it’s pretty darned new) to visit.

Jil and Julie- Best of Friends!
Julie and Terry hamming it for the camera
Mike and Terry solving the problems of the world. Notice Terry is holding Ollie’s leash

Their home is in a recently built tract of beautiful homes and their back yard overlooks a lake. One can walk from their grass back yard and wet a line or dip your toes in the water. The houses are nicely spaced unlike some newer houseing tracts where the builder crams the homes together. Their housing tract is only one of a half billion that are or have been built in the last 10 years or so. The entire Boise area has gone bananas building new homes- all on what used to be farmland. There’s plenty of farmland left……. we hope it stays that way.

We have a nice visit with Julie and Terry. They serve us a nice lunch on their back veranda and we spend a few hours catching up on old times and all the new things that have happened in our lives since our last visit six or eight years ago. We brought our dogs with. Megan is an aloof Lab and doesn’t care if she visits with strangers or not. Ollie, our Boxer, either instantly loves you or will growl at you like you are a threat. Well Ollie loved Julie and fell head over heals for Terry. Wag, wag, Wag, WAG went his tail. Ollie even allowed Terry to lead him down by the lake. Turns out Terry and Julie used to have a Boxer so they and Ollie spoke the same language.

We like the big RV garage!

After saying our farewells Jil and I decided to look at a few housing tracts in the slim to none chance we decide to move from Reno. We like the homes and the way the tracts are laid out. And the price of homes is lower in this part of the world than ours. A couple of drawbacks is some of the tracts are built quite a ways from a town of any consequence and since most of them are built on what was farm/ranch land the roadways are all two lane country roads. Traffic can be heavy- hopefully the main arteries will be expanded in the near future.

Tomorrow we will head up to McCall, ID. Depending on the route our new Garmin GPS selects we’ll either travel US 95 or US 55. US 55 is shorter by 20 miles but we would have to pass through the west side of Boise to reach it. I’ve programed the Garmin to consider the size, height and weight of our RV so I’m curious as to which route it selects. We’ll find out tomorrow. See you then!

5 thoughts on “Knocking Around Treasure Valley”

  1. Great Pics! Looks so relaxing, and great weather. You left
    at a good time , the smoke is horrific! barely see across the street.
    Happy Trails and be safe. We already miss you both!!!


  2. Thanks for your kind words about our visit and new home! We loved seeing ALL of you!! Safe travels and may God bless!


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