McCall, Idaho

August 7, 2017- Trip DAYS 4, 5, &6



McCall, a town of 2900 souls, is a beautiful mountain town located on the southern shore of Payette Lake. At 5000′ in elevation the area is rift with conifers. A nearby state park is named after them- Ponderosa State Park. Originally a logging community whose last mill closed in 1978 McCall is now a tourist destination. 100 miles to the south in the warm Surprise Valley lies Boise whose population seeks water skiing, wake boarding, sailboating, camping and other summer outdoor activities offered in the McCall area. The resort town is also popular in the winter offering alpine skiing and its popular Winter Carnival.


Aerial Photo McCall & Payette Lake

The only problem I see with McCall is actually what keeps it thriving- the throng of people! It’s population can triple or quadruple during busy months. Highway 55 is a two lane road that leads from Boise through downtown McCall. The speed limit is posted at 25 mph. There is side traffic and frequent pedestrian crossings that fill with inattentive pedestrians. There are two signaled intersections and neither one of them are downtown. There is so much traffic it is almost impossible to merge onto highway 55 from a parking lot. Other than that, I love the place- before 0800 in the morning (before traffic builds)!


Large Crowds on Small Beaches

Jil and I are staying at the McCall RV Resort. It’s location is ideal. Close to town, off the beaten path, right next to McCall airport. Not a gripe, but aircraft engines definitely lack mufflers. Most of them take off fairly early in the morning leaving the rest of the day quiet. Once in a blue moon a private jet will take off. I’ve never had a private jet sound like it’s flying right through my RV! Anyhow, the resort is located on the Payette River. The grounds are manicured grass and beautiful flower beds. It has a large lodge/office the sites are large with grass and trees in between the pads. The work- campers and regular employees always have a smile on their face. We love it and they love it.

We’ve met with Rob and Kathy, Jil’s brother and sister in law a few times. Lots of reminiscing and catching up on current family happenings. Last night we went out to dinner at the Shore Lodge, an upscale place for sure with a great location right on Payette Lake. Good food and beautiful views had by all!


Shore Lodge


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