Antique Archeology

Wednesday October 11, 2017- Trip Day Number 68


If you were an Iowan would you be so welcoming of these two mugs? 

We’re working on selfie quality- balieve me!

From Pollmiller Park we drove to Coloma IL and camped at Scott Family Park. It’s a so so park, nothing bad and nothing outstanding. We’re here to visit Antique Archealogy of the History Channels fame. You know and love American Pickers right?


We drive across the Mississippi into Le Claire, IA. It’s a quaint town oriented along the west bank of the Big Muddy. Being an off season week day, it’s also very quiet. The stars of Antique Archeology are seldom here. The place is now more of a tourist destination with most of the antiques that the boys pick are now located down in Nashville Tennessee.


We learn that Mike actually owns Antique Archeology, Frank owns his own shop located behind a biker bar in Savannah IL. They are boyhood friends that pick together, buy and sell from their own shops. The other stars of the show, Danielle and Mike’s brother Robbie live locally.

After an enjoyable visit made more enjoyable by the ladies that hold down the cash registers we depart only to find a group of folks gathered around our truck. It seems that a lady lost control of her car and let it slide back into the front of our truck causing some damage. It doesn’t appear to be too bad so we’ll let the insurance company handle it when we get home.

From Le Claire we are heading west. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center has detected potentially severe weather coming our way in the next two days. We…. Are… OUTAHERE!


Unfortunately we have to pass a lot of places worth visiting. Des Moines (203,000 souls) is the capitol of Iowa. We bypass her.  Amana Colonies is a must see. Check out the history of the Amana Colonies here: We bypass the colonies. Bummer. Maybe some day we’ll get back this way………… when thunderstorms producing 1.5″ hale and possible tornadoes are not in the forecast.


State Of Iowa Capital Building

Our destination for one night is the Des Moine West KOA. The park is really nice. We wish we could stay more than one night but we must push on. Bad weather, ya know, is not fun especially in an RV!


Des Moines West KOA- first sunshine we’d seen for many days

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