Play Chicken With Mother Nature? Nah!

Saturday, October 14, 2017- Travel Day 71



Sculpture- Larsen Park Sioux City, IA

So, we chickened out. Ma Nature decided to throw us a curve at least according the weather guessers. So instead of heading towards our original destination to the southwest we headed northwest. Just before reaching Omaha we turn towards our new home for a couple of nights, Sioux City IA.

More Larsen Park Photos

After an easy 170 mile drive we pull into Scenic Park Campground which is actually in South Sioux Falls NE across the Missouri River from Sioux Falls IA. This is a municipal campground with nice sites separated by a lot of grass located right on the banks of the big river. Wow, what a spot. The campground is part of a larger sports complex that extends for blocks. A swim complex, soccer fields, ball diamonds and play equipment are available for everyone. Were here for two nights to let the nasty weather go by, so what shall we do?

It turns out yesterday we just chilled, watched the baseball playoffs and walked the dog a bunch of times. Weather was the best we’ve had for a week. This morning we wake up to gloom, gloom and more gloom…… and a little rain. We’re not going to sit in the coach all day so off we went. across the river to Sioux City IA. First, we went to Larsen Park which located on the east bank of the Missouri. We saw the riverboat built in 1932 for the Corps of Engineers and named for Sgt. Clarence Floyd. Sgt. Floyd was the only fatality on the Lewis and Clark expedition. He died of an illness and is buried just south of downtown. A 100-foot obelisk stands at his grave site. There is also a Lewis and Clark interpretive center here. It was closed at the time we visited.

We toured the historic downtown and found a grocery store that catered mostly to Hispanics. No matter, they had most of the items we needed. We next stopped at the Cathedral of the Epiphany. She’s a pretty building but locked up tight. The church is in the same neighborhood as the grocery store so most Masses are in español.

Sometimes it pays to do a little snooping. In this case Jil did her best imitation of Inspector Clouseau and found a real gem right here in Sioux City. Trinity Heights/ Queen of Peace is a dream come true for a Catholic Priest. He envisioned a small Catholic community with beautiful grounds.


Trinity Heights- Queen of Peace

Trinity Heights is built on the previous site of a Catholic College/High School. The schools were razed, a group of 16 condominiums were built and several acres of land were landscaped and decorated in spiritual themes. Amongst them are the Way of the Saints, The Outdoor Cathedral, a Grotto, a shrine to the Unborn Child. At each end of the gardens is a huge statue of the Queen of Peace- St. Mary surrounded by the Mysteries of the Rosary.


At the other end is another huge statue of Jesus- the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A small museum displays an incredible life size wood carving of the Last Supper. The carving was done by Jerry Traufler from 1986 to 1993.


Each figure is individually carved except James and Andrew. Each figure weighs between 200 and 300 pounds, the entire sculpture measures 22’ by 7’. The Disciples faces were modeled after La Mars Iowa residents and the sculptures format is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. If you are ever in Sioux City, IA we highly recommend visiting Trinity Heights.




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