The Storm Has Passed- We head Southwest

Monday, October 16, 2017- Trip Day 73

Unknown copy

Hall County Courthouse, Grand Island NE

We departed South Sioux City on Sunday heading southwest on US 77, then on US 30. We enjoy driving the byways of America much more than traveling on interstates. We don’t pass towns we drive through them. Most places along the way are very small farm based communities such as Winnebago (775 souls), named after the Indian tribe whose reservation is close by. Every little town we pass through shows a lot of home pride a they are neat as a pin. When we reach Fremont (pop. 23,000) turn onto US 30 and head in a more westerly direction following the Platte River.

As you might surmise the areas that we have driven through is farmland. It appears that the main crop is corn, corn and more corn. The next city we come to is Columbus (22,000 souls), the seat of Platte County. Columbus is a really pretty town. It thrives on agriculture and manufacturing. Finally we enter Grand Island (48,000 souls). Grand Island is just a beautiful city. We’re glad we are here on Sunday as traffic is not bad. The two most outstanding buildings here are the Hall County Courthouse and St. Mary’s Cathedral.


We Stayed in Fort Kearney State Recreation Area last night. The campground is nice and the sites are nicely spaced surrounding a couple of small lakes. It’s not crowded but I was amazed on how many families with school aged kids were here- Sunday afternoon. Maybe there’s no school tomorrow. We are also amazed at the amount of flies are hanging around our coach, especially by the door. We must have inadvertently let in 50 of them suckers!


This morning we visited the Pioneer Museum in Minden. Boy, talk about sensory overload! This place doesn’t look like much from the outside but they have 10 large buildings just crammed full of horse drawn carriages of all types, early motorized vehicle (mostly Fords), old farm equipment horse drawn and motorized.

Displays of early phonographs, art, TV’s, recording devices and small buildings of different types of Plains origin. This place is great!

Tonight we are staying in an RV park in Ogalalla as we decided to travel 150 miles after visiting the Pioneer Museum. An easy 150 miles, a little grocery shopping and we are done for the day.

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