Enjoying McCall Idaho

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

McCall (3400 souls) was a lumber town until 1977 when the mill closed. Today it’s a four season resort town. It lies on the southern shore of Payette Lake which in the warmer months is a mecca for water sports and fishing. Fine restaurants are available for those wishing to imbibe as well as comfort food for folks who prefer good wholesome food like me- smile! The town is just 100 miles from Boise and you’d better believe the Boise folks take full advantage of the amenities of this town.

At an altitude of 5000′ winter sports are big here too. Brundage ski area is just a couple of miles outside of town and Ponderosa State Park does double duty as a summer camping/outdoor sports mecca and winter cross country ski and snow mobile area.

The beautiful Ponderosa State Park is a mile from downtown. The park is enjoyed by thousands of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It offers miles of biking and hiking trails and a boat launch area as well as two camp grounds.

We’ve stayed at the McCall RV Resort several times. Just can’t get enough of this place. It’s grounds are beautiful, the sites are spacious, it’s well kept and the staff is friendly. What more could a mother want? Downside, sure, every place has it’s pluses and minuses. Only minus I can think of is the park is across the street from the airport. The sound of helicopters and planes taking off is not obnoxious, it’s just a reminder that we are not in heaven but in civilization. The airport is also a USFS Smokejumper base.

We met with Rob and Kathy, Jil’s brother and sister in law several times in the last few days. They bought a really nice house just outside of town in a shady, wooded paradise. Behind the house is forestry land. It’s a real beauty! Rob and Kathy are doing well and we are grateful for that. It was good visiting with them again.

I received an email the other day from my cousin Ernie. He said that he and his wife were coming up to McCall to meet with his son. Unfortunately we will be gone by the time they arrive. Darn! It would be good visiting with him again and having the opportunity to meet his wife.

Tamarack Hotel

While in the area we visited the Tamarack community. It’s a four season resort style complex on the west side of Cascade Lake that went into bankruptcy while under construction. Condos sat half finished, the hotel had very few guests, the golf course returned to nature, and some of the ski lifts were repossessed. That was 12 years ago. The property was purchased by a conglomerate of investors and the condos and market place are back under construction. What we’ve seen in the past- few to no visitors has changed. There were people everywhere enjoying this very beautiful community.

While here we circumnavigated Payette Lake. It’s a beautiful drive through a ponderosa pine forest. We stop at North Beach to allow our Lab Megan a swim- to our amazement Ollie joins her- shock! The boy that never got more than his toes wet is standing chest deep in the lake, then takes off at breakneck speed around the sandy beach, then finds a log and takes a dive back into the lake!

Our time here comes too soon. New adventures are on the horizon. We’ll keep you posted.

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